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Kerry Fox Live at DB concert

This is my fifth time smelling the doobies.

Kerry Fox was born in the old Dauterive (doe-treeve) Hospital, in the the Heart of Acadiana, in Louisiana.

After being born, Kerry immediately embarked upon a two-star radio career that blazed across the entire Continental United States (not really).

When that fruitless endeavor ended, Kerry took on the role of conservative print editor on the Internet. But, then, some say tragically, Kerry took the red pill and realized many things he had never realized before.

Suddenly unplugged, yet bewildered, like usual, Kerry realized that he was supporting lunatics, money-grubbing liars and snake-oil salesmen who were not only missing the courage of their convictions and a semblance of common sense but had also gone bat crap crazy.

So, Kerry then decided (mainly because nobody would hire him anymore) to combine radio, the Internet and print media into a marvelous and fruitless exercise called KERRY FOX LIVE, A Liberal perspective aimed at the hypocrisies of our times.

Listen to what may very well be the first multiple personality, one-man, political/opinion variety show in the history of the World!

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