In Defense of Donald Trump!

Trump saluteFor years now, Republicans have stoked and encouraged a xenophobic attitude—not only toward immigrants, but also toward minority Americans.

Republicans have done this in order to frighten their constituency, toss out more red meat than their contemporaries and pander to the fears of the ignorant and bigoted primary voters in their radicalized party.

So why, pray tell, are Republicans condemning Donald Trump?

‘In Defense of Donald Trump!’

God Forces Fascism On America

God - I am impervious to reasonThere are so many people speaking for “God” these days, I sometimes wonder how God feels about it all. But the truth is: he ain’t talking.

If God WERE to talk to the faithful, here in America, where the faithful want to incorporate the Bible into the US Constitution, which one of the almost 300 Gods in this country would be talking to them?

‘God Forces Fascism On America’

Gun Coup at Chrysler

Joe the prickIt’s truly amazing, isn’t it? Someone with a “legal” gun massacres a bunch of people minding their own business, and instead of helping their fellow Americans figure out a way to stop the senseless slaughter, gun assholes across the land take that as a sign from god to get their guns, infiltrate decent company and promote the fact that they have penis issues.

America is one strange place, let me tell you…

‘Gun Coup at Chrysler’