Cure for Ebola Discovered in Texas!

Ebola virusI never would have thought it possible that conservative Christians, bigots, racists and other Republicans could have ever contributed anything to society, but I guess I just underestimated them.

It turns out that they are all good for something after all. And now the Christian conservatives in Texas have not only given something to the United States of America, but they have helped to share it across the globe.

‘Cure for Ebola Discovered in Texas!’

Conservatives Are Kicking Their Asses!

kicking my assConservatives have suffered one disappointing setback after another in their war against healthcare. But they are not deterred.

N-O, NO!

Conservatives were not deterred when the Roberts Court ruled against them, and they are not deterred now. They are STILL against healthcare access for Americans. They are teaching their constituents in the red states a lesson—a lesson they might never forget.

Good job, conservatives. You are showing just how bad your thinking process truly is, and I hope you scare the shit out of everyone by November!

‘Conservatives Are Kicking Their Asses!’

Descent Into Madness

Descent_Into_MadnessRepublicans have completely taken leave of their senses. And it’s truly a sad sight to see. We want to reach out, naturally, and we want to help our fellow Americans get a grip on reality.

“But, Kerry, those are just crazy extremist teabaggers from the tea party and libertarians disguised as Republicans. They don’t speak for me!”

Yes, they are extremists. And, yes, they are crazy. And, YES, if they are Republicans, they speak for you.

If YOU are a Republican, you are part of a …

‘Descent Into Madness’

The Death of ‘Death Spirals’

Long_Live_the_Death_of_Death_SpiralsAmerica is quite the interesting place. Through the years we have stood up to the British, twice, we had a great Civil War and good triumphed over evil, two world wars, a communist threat, a possible nuclear war—we have faced many trials as a nation.

But never have we Americans ever struggled against something so awful, an enemy so destructive and divisive, as healthcare access for people who do not have access to healthcare.

THAT is what has stymied Americans the most, for so many decades, and has caused greatest amount of suffering.

‘The Death of ‘Death Spirals”

The President Built This

The_President_Built_ThisWe already know that, amongst the myriad of firsts and breakthroughs he has accomplished, since he was elected, President Obama will not accomplish anything that will impress any reptile walking around with an ‘R’ next to its name.

We already know that. There is no longer a need to attempt to convert these know-nothings who listen to Rush, or Fox News, or Glenn Beck, or worse. If I’ve learned anything at all, I’ve learned that one.

But I’ll be DAMNED if I’m going to put up with bagger crap coming from progressives—from my side—either about the President, or about the ACA which, if you cannot appreciate the ACA, then you’ve never been in a position where you needed it. And if you don’t appreciate this President, then to hell with you!

‘The President Built This’