Say Anything

Say_AnythingWhenever I make a prediction about what the wingers are going to do I always have to revise it forward. They never wait for any of my predictions to come true. They always jump the gun, the shark, whatever. They always come through even sooner than I could have expected. It’s perfectly clear to me that these crazy bastards will ‘Say Anything’

Mitt Mouth Syndrome

No need to worry about the West Nile Virus, Mad Cow Disease, or alien contagions. Don’t fret about Cholera, Tick-borne babesiosis, or the Bubonic Plague. This malady can kill your candidacy quicker and deader than any illness ever known. It overwhelms whomever contracts it, and becomes a disease so horrid that you will lose in a landslide. Beware the dreaded ‘Mitt Mouth Syndrome’