Terms of Engagement

Terms_of_EngagementEnemy identification is important when dealing with the fascists who are attempting to destroy our way of life and enslave us all.

But where is the fascist threat coming from? Are the fascists in our government and in our faces clearly defined? How do we recognize which of the fascist threats is the main problem in America?

What if there is a phenomenon which includes two known threats merging together against the nation?

‘Terms of Engagement’

Bragging Rights: The Plans in Advance

McConnell and BoehnerMany people made predictions about the 2014 Midterms.

Many people made predictions that were disingenuous as well as wrong—and it was some of those people who got elected.

But while we watched a campaign where people concerned themselves with things like Ebola and ISIS and, of course, President Obama’s plan to roundup the white Christians, take away their guns, put them into a FEMA camp and chastise them unto death, it was on THIS SHOW where you heard the ramifications of electing Republicans.

Our guest, Andrew Rei, was correct about it all and he has some ‘Bragging Rights: The Plans in Advance’

Speaking of the 14 DCs of Fascism…

palin-flagThis is a special show—our 10th show with fascist hunter Andrew Rei!

Of course you have heard the entire Speaking of Fascism series we did with Andrew Rei, posted and available for free at kerryfoxlive.com. In the series, Andrew and I discussed the 14 DCs of Fascism, by Lawrence Britt, in great detail.

Today, right here on the show, Minister Andrew will release to you the 15th DC of Fascism, which is in his sermon for today.

This is history. And you are with us to hear it live and in person.

‘Speaking of the 14 DCs of Fascism…’

The Religious Parts of the Constitution

religios constitutionPerhaps you are confused about whether there should be separation of church and state in our government. If so, please allow some distinguished men to clarify the issue for you.

They are known as our ‘Founding Fathers,” and our guest, writer Andrew Rei, helps disseminate the meaning of our most famous political document.

Join us as we discuss…
‘The Religious Parts of the Constitution’

The Essential Midterm Primary Roundup Guide

Election2014Everything has already been settled for the midterm elections this November, and my guest Andrew Rei explains it all to us—ahead of the elections.

Find out how the election turned out with…

‘The Essential Midterm Primary Roundup Guide’