My Plea to Whities

Hear me, fellow whities and almost whities. The time is nigh. To overcome the baggers and other racists, we need more whities—especially the ones who don’t realize how racist they are. Maybe there’s a chance the rest of humanity will tolerate our existence when WE become a minority (I’m not going to lie, it’s not likely). But, there’s a chance dammit. Please, hear ‘My Plea to Whities’

Like a Harvest

Republicans believe in changing words and phrases in their rhetoric, as opposed to an examination of the truth behind their policies. The Mitt Romney campaign for president isn’t any different in this regard, but it DOES seem to be, shall we say, more prolific than other republicans. Changing words and meanings around is one thing, but to do so on a day-to-day basis—or several times in the same day—well, that’s when your words come back to you ‘Like a Harvest’

Quest for Food

Today’s Neanderthals want to dispose of American citizens they refer to as “deadbeats,” whatever the cost to humanity, er, Neanderthalism. In an earlier time, when republicans ruled (apparently), leaders could simply club to death anyone consuming food and taking up shelter space. They could toss the sickly outside, deny them any sort of help. They could then take what they wanted from the unfortunates and let them die. Sound familiar? Well, so will your ‘Quest for Food’

Cause and Effect

Republicans have a difficult time with responsibility. They never take any of it for any of their actions. Some of them even blame things on “God.” Mitt Romney, for instance, to our knowledge, has never personally caused someone to die, or forced anyone to beg for food and shelter, or broken up a family, or kept poor people in poverty. He just makes tons of cash from companies that do. There’s no need for “responsibility” when you don’t even understand ‘Cause and Effect’