A Pair of Bodacious Ta’ Ta’s

A_Pair_of_Bodacious_Ta_TasMitt Romney, “of Gall,” has returned, along with Ann “the Unfairness” to try and rehabilitate an image that was massively rejected at the polls just a few short months ago. These arrogant people not only belong together, they can even be described as ‘A Pair of Bodacious Ta’ Ta’s’ (you know, “boobs”)

Tale of the Tapes

The fascists have become desperate and are resorting to vagaries from old tapes and hearsay evidence for their point, whatever the hell that might be. The tip of the spear is Fox News, and that excuse for a network is trying everything in its spin machine to turn public perceptions around. But, there isn’t just one tape, there are plenty of tapes. And there isn’t enough spin to turn around the ‘Tale of the Tapes’

Keeping Up With the Mormons

Mitt Romney says he doesn’t think much about how his run for the presidency affects his religion. But a little known prophesy, by Mormon founder Joseph Smith, has been Mitt Romney’s guiding light since his days as a young church recruiter. Now that he has conquered and profited his church, attained a title as governor as a stepping stone, he now hovers poised to fulfill his Mormon Bishop-like beliefs in the founder of his church and claim his destiny. You think politics is tough to keep up with? Try ‘Keeping Up with the Mormons’