The Death of ‘Death Spirals’

Long_Live_the_Death_of_Death_SpiralsAmerica is quite the interesting place. Through the years we have stood up to the British, twice, we had a great Civil War and good triumphed over evil, two world wars, a communist threat, a possible nuclear war—we have faced many trials as a nation.

But never have we Americans ever struggled against something so awful, an enemy so destructive and divisive, as healthcare access for people who do not have access to healthcare.

THAT is what has stymied Americans the most, for so many decades, and has caused greatest amount of suffering.

‘The Death of ‘Death Spirals”

The President Built This

The_President_Built_ThisWe already know that, amongst the myriad of firsts and breakthroughs he has accomplished, since he was elected, President Obama will not accomplish anything that will impress any reptile walking around with an ‘R’ next to its name.

We already know that. There is no longer a need to attempt to convert these know-nothings who listen to Rush, or Fox News, or Glenn Beck, or worse. If I’ve learned anything at all, I’ve learned that one.

But I’ll be DAMNED if I’m going to put up with bagger crap coming from progressives—from my side—either about the President, or about the ACA which, if you cannot appreciate the ACA, then you’ve never been in a position where you needed it. And if you don’t appreciate this President, then to hell with you!

‘The President Built This’

It’s Okay To Say ‘Teabaggers’

teabaggerAs a nation, we are where we are right now because of two things and two things only. It’s time we faced up to it. We cannot condone thuggery, extortion and racism as something called “just politics.” These things I just mentioned are not “patriotic,” nor are they “political opinions.”

These things are exactly what they look like: sedition and treason by a group of the stupidest people ever gathered in our country’s name; people who love America so much, they are willing to destroy America because they do not like the president’s skin tone. Therefore, ‘It’s Okay To Say “Teabaggers”’

From Scum to Eternity

From_Scum_to_EternityThe casual observer, who remembers the days of having only one or two TV channels, may recall that republicans are rather good at issues regards national security and foreign policy. But, now days, there is too much information out there that contradicts that impression, there is just too much they are saying that belies that assumption. They would take us ‘From Scum to Eternity’

Say Anything

Say_AnythingWhenever I make a prediction about what the wingers are going to do I always have to revise it forward. They never wait for any of my predictions to come true. They always jump the gun, the shark, whatever. They always come through even sooner than I could have expected. It’s perfectly clear to me that these crazy bastards will ‘Say Anything’