In Search of the Obama Scandals

In_Search_of_the_Obama_ScandalsThe Obama scandals are coming thick and fast now, as we dash headlong into dictatorship and FEMA camps. First, he was palling around with terrorists, then he faked his birth certificate. He callously took over the auto industry and then forced almost 50-million people to get unwanted health coverage, death panels and communism. No, you sure don’t have to travel far ‘In Search of the Obama Scandals’

A Pair of Bodacious Ta’ Ta’s

A_Pair_of_Bodacious_Ta_TasMitt Romney, “of Gall,” has returned, along with Ann “the Unfairness” to try and rehabilitate an image that was massively rejected at the polls just a few short months ago. These arrogant people not only belong together, they can even be described as ‘A Pair of Bodacious Ta’ Ta’s’ (you know, “boobs”)

Mile High Lies

If you lie, if you are silent about lies, if you support those who lie, and fail to rebuke, or dispute the lies, I’m terribly sorry, but YOU’RE A LIAR TOO. It doesn’t matter the altitude your lies may fly—it’s lying all the same. So, it’s okay. Break out the low lie, the high-rise lie and the ‘Mile High Lies’

Repugs Off a Sinking Ship

Republicans sing dirges in the dark over the Romney campaign, as some even proclaim the death of the GOP and America should the President win reelection. All of this two months before the election and even before the debates. Why are the republicans in such a panic? Likely because internal polling is even worse than the public polling. It seems that Mitt Romney is the Titanic and his party is scrambling like ‘Repugs Off a Sinking Ship’