Sensata Mondatta

Americans beg for their jobs on television. Americans train their replacements in small towns across America. Do we elect the person who helped bring the situation about? Do we then criticize former American manufacturing-workers as being “unworthy” of help because they don’t earn enough to pay income taxes? To be haunted by these questions at all is “unworthy” of a great nation. Listen to ‘Sensata Mondatta’

Like a Harvest

Republicans believe in changing words and phrases in their rhetoric, as opposed to an examination of the truth behind their policies. The Mitt Romney campaign for president isn’t any different in this regard, but it DOES seem to be, shall we say, more prolific than other republicans. Changing words and meanings around is one thing, but to do so on a day-to-day basis—or several times in the same day—well, that’s when your words come back to you ‘Like a Harvest’

Wild About Harry

As Mitt Romney channels Richard Nixon, the leading Democrat in the Senate calls out his fellow Mormon on the smarmy and pretentious candidate’s tax returns. Did Mitt Romney tithe to the Mormon Church but not pay any taxes to the government he endeavors to run – for 10 years? Has Mitt Romney committed a felony by misrepresenting or omitting documents required to run for the presidency? Is Mitt Romney really THAT MUCH of a dufus? Only a decent and honest nation would want to know for sure. That’s why we’re ‘Wild About Harry’

The Bain of Our Existence

It’s a small difference but it says the same thing:

bane /beɪn/ [beyn] noun 1. a person or thing that ruins or spoils: 2. death; destruction; romney; ruin.

Elect this guy and we’ll ALL be familiar with this particular word. Listen to:

The Bain of Our Existence