Bernie Sanders’ Concession Speech

Bernie cartoonI hear supposed Democrats and supposed Liberals say that we should “all get along.”

Is that how it works? I’ve never seen it work that way with more than one candidate in a primary. Have you?

‘Bernie Sanders’ Concession Speech’

The Interloper

the interloper finalAs a Liberal Democrat, I can tell you that when you continue to build a nationwide political party, you don’t have time for interlopers. You don’t have time for crazy and angry and hypocritical old white partycrashers who barge into your political party, and make a bunch of ignorant promises they can’t possibly deliver.
‘The Interloper’

President Barack Hussein Obama’s Coming Third Term

POTUS Third TermOnce again the conservatives in the United States of America have discovered our next conspiracy. You just can’t fool these people. They are too quick and too intelligent for any devious behavior to get past them.

We only THOUGHT they would fall for that Hillary thing. But they are just too damned good at what they do.

Now the secret plan for President Obama’s third term has been exposed. Now we’ll have to get those FEMA camps cranked up sooner than we had planned, so we and our commie brethren can ensure ‘President Barack Hussein Obama’s Coming Third Term’

How to Become a ‘Marxist Revolutionary’ Without Really Trying

Karl Marx peaceIf you have already decided the teabagger party is not for you, that means YOU have decided to join up with “them” and the coming “Marxist Revolution.” That’s right… YOU!

Don’t go thinking you can have it both ways. You can’t. That will not be allowed. No sitting on a fence and saying things like, “I don’t care about politics.” NO!

If you choose neither side you will also be part of the “Marxist Revolution.” That’s how the “true patriots” will know you are in on the conspiracy!

‘How to Become a ‘Marxist Revolutionary’ Without Really Trying’