Say Anything

Say_AnythingWhenever I make a prediction about what the wingers are going to do I always have to revise it forward. They never wait for any of my predictions to come true. They always jump the gun, the shark, whatever. They always come through even sooner than I could have expected. It’s perfectly clear to me that these crazy bastards will ‘Say Anything’

In Search of the Obama Scandals

In_Search_of_the_Obama_ScandalsThe Obama scandals are coming thick and fast now, as we dash headlong into dictatorship and FEMA camps. First, he was palling around with terrorists, then he faked his birth certificate. He callously took over the auto industry and then forced almost 50-million people to get unwanted health coverage, death panels and communism. No, you sure don’t have to travel far ‘In Search of the Obama Scandals’

The Great Bush Iraq Quagmire

The_Great_Bush_Iraq_QuagmireTen years ago we went to war in Iraq. We did so in a preemptive invasion—the Bush Doctrine—and the Bush Administration used fear tactics and color codes inside a massive and deliberate propaganda effort to con the American people into an invasion of Iraq. Join us as we recall… ‘The Great Bush Iraq Quagmire’