The Word

The_WordWe all know that republicans have abandoned Obamacare as a campaign issue this year, and we all know that, instead, they are raising campaign cash with their new-found interest in Benghazi.

They are also reaching for other important issues like being against finding those missing girls in Nigeria, suppositions about Hillary Clinton’s brain, Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend—important issues like that.

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Reasons to Vote for Mitt Romney

YES! There ARE reasons to vote for Mitt Romney. It’s only fair to present the attributes involved. In the tradition of true audio journalism, we cover the entire Republican perspective. Enjoy our bi-partisan presentation as we list all of the ‘Reasons to Vote for Mitt Romney’

Mile High Lies

If you lie, if you are silent about lies, if you support those who lie, and fail to rebuke, or dispute the lies, I’m terribly sorry, but YOU’RE A LIAR TOO. It doesn’t matter the altitude your lies may fly—it’s lying all the same. So, it’s okay. Break out the low lie, the high-rise lie and the ‘Mile High Lies’