Conspiracy Fever

Conspiracy_FeverGigantic conspiracy plots lost their shine for me a long time ago. When I was much younger, I used to read about the plot to kill JFK and that took years to get over completely, because so many people believe in the plot.

Lucky for me I got to see firsthand how well government conspiracies work when I watched the Watergate Hearings on live television.

They just don’t work out.

‘Conspiracy Fever’

Rebirthing Romney

Mitt Romney is making birther jokes, several birthers are speaking at the GOP convention and the birthers (all Romney supporters) are even holding their own convention late next month. But, somehow, we thought the “Rebirth of Mitt Romney” might have something to do with a new introduction, as opposed to the mainstreaming of the whackjob “Birther” movement. Yes, it’s insane. But this is how the GOP is ‘Rebirthing Romney’