Conspiracy Fever

Conspiracy_FeverGigantic conspiracy plots lost their shine for me a long time ago. When I was much younger, I used to read about the plot to kill JFK and that took years to get over completely, because so many people believe in the plot.

Lucky for me I got to see firsthand how well government conspiracies work when I watched the Watergate Hearings on live television.

They just don’t work out.

‘Conspiracy Fever’

Birth of a Notion

Yes, he’s talking about it again. Yes, he’s a racist and a shameless self-promoter. That’s okay, though. This is America. It’s okay to be a fruitcake, spouting subversive rhetoric in order to stay on your own television reality show. The problem is that this joker is taken seriously enough – politically, believe it or not – to be the Keynote Speaker at this year’s North Carolina Republican Convention. Listen in as we hear from the learned (and much respected by non-thinkers everywhere) Donald Trump as he tells us the story about the ‘Birth of a Notion’

The End of Spin

Trapped by the immediacy of the social networks, the Retros are getting their message out faster and faster and faster. But this isn’t a good thing for bigots and extremists. They own what they say and do from the moment it is captured by any outlet. Will Stupidity survive? Find out as we examine ‘The End of Spin’