Where To Find ‘Smart Conservatives’

Where_To_Find_Smart_ConservativesThe problem is that each of us likely don’t know any smart conservatives. That’s a problem because we need them for this debate that Ann Coulter says liberals are afraid of.

But are there actually no smart conservatives, or is it we just don’t know where to look? What does a smart conservative look like? What does one sound like? The average liberal asks these questions because the average liberal doesn’t ever run into smart conservatives.

Maybe YOU think you know a smart conservative. I don’t. To be fair, I don’t get out as much as I used to, but when I DID get out a lot I didn’t run into any smart conservative then either.

‘Where To Find ‘Smart Conservatives”

Not the Jackass Whisperer

Not the Jackass Whisperer2We’ve all seen the meme about being a “jackass whisperer.” You shouldn’t try to talk to conservatives because you are not the “jackass whisperer.” I guess that’s like the dog whisperer or the horse whisperer.

Whatever you are having trouble with, you get somebody who knows how to talk to the dog or the horse. But is there such a thing as a “jackass whisperer”? I mean, as it relates to politics in the United States?

If you consider that someone who spouts off about politics but doesn’t know or care for the relevant facts involved—if THAT person is in all sense of the word, a “jackass”—is there someone out there who CAN whisper to that jackass before that jackass votes what they think, even though it is wrong?

We already know that WE are ‘Not the Jackass Whisperer’

Pueblo CAN

Pueblo_CANI do not care for conservatives. Wherever you have conservatives in charge locally, you can be certain your community’s priorities are completely screwed up.

This principle also works in reverse; whenever your city’s priorities are screwed up, you can be certain it is because of conservatives.

Either you and your fellow citizens learn to live with depression and despair, or you leave. It’s a sucky choice that is caused by conservatives, perpetuated by conservatives and something tells me conservatives make a bunch of money from that because they keep doing it whenever they are in charge.

But when the city you live in embargoes TWO state constitutional amendments because it suits the needs of the wealthy instead of the majority of people, that’s when it’s time to mount a massive offensive against true “tyranny.”

And… ‘Pueblo CAN’