Sister Christian

sarah palin angry coverShe has given an unneeded voice to the stupid. She has empowered stupidity itself, because if SHE can almost be a heartbeat away from the presidency, then ANYBODY in ANY trailer park anywhere can aspire to higher office.

I know a lot of people don’t think Sarah Palin is important. But I contend that discussing Sarah Palin is VERY important.

We came awfully close to tragedy in the midst of tragedy—and we HAVE to make sure we never get that close again.

‘Sister Christian’

American Outrage!

american outrageIf we are “Americans” who claim to have “American values,” can we at least TRY to live up to the vision we have of ourselves? Is trying THAT difficult?

Really. I’m not saying we have to accomplish the vision we have of ourselves as America. I’m just saying we should give a shot at trying to live up to what we call—and what the rest of the world laughingly refers to as—American values.

‘American Outrage’