Fear of the Faithful

Willy Wonka - You get nothingAfter Republicans get their Karma backlash next week, they will begin their internal blame game.

“We’re did this devastating result come from?”

“What can it possibly be that’s causing our massive repudiation?”

I don’t consider that I’m a genius on these matters, but I would like to suggest that the biggest and likely the fatal flaw of the Republican Party is a bunch of selected passages from the Old Testament.

‘Fear of the Faithful’

The Turning Point

mitch poutsPeople across the country have gotten a rather close look at the Republican Party and its tactics over the past several years and up until now.

This is very bad news for Republicans, because the polls are beginning to turn early and ugly for the party that was supposed to win back the Senate in convincing fashion.

In fact, not long ago, it was a matter of certainty.

‘The Turning Point’

It’s a Cult!

Flag BibleBack in July of 2011, now outgoing senator Tom Harkin said that “we no longer have a two-party system in America. One of our two parties has morphed into kind of a cult.”

The senator was referring to something financial, not religious.

But, if you’ll pardon the pun, Senator Harkin had no idea at the time just how prophetic he would actually be.

‘It’s a Cult!’

Now Serving Crazy Conservatives

Now_Serving_Crazy_ConservativesHow many times have you listened to a conservative say something and you then declared something to the effect of “that’s crazy”? Be honest, raise your hand if you’ve said “that’s nuts,” or “that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.” Listen as we examine the crazies ‘Now Serving Crazy Conservatives’