Hell Or Oklahoma

Hell_Or_OklahomaPeople are always accusing me of not liking the US Constitution. And I say that is completely untrue. It isn’t true at all.

I actually like many parts of the Constitution. Some parts of the Constitution sucked really bad at first. Some still suck.

Yes, there are those who would never have changed a single thing about the Constitution, and there are those, over the years, like teabaggers, who would change the laws in order to suit their beliefs ABOUT the Constitution.

We’ve taken our Constitutional-raggedy-post-depression truck through some of the other states. Today, let’s find out; is it ‘Hell Or Oklahoma’

A Christian Nation

salem witch trialHow many people have you run into who have waved a finger at you while proclaiming the fabulously unsubstantiated line that “America was founded on Christianity”?

I do not have enough fingers and toes nor hairs on my head to count the number of times I have heard this abjectly ignorant claim. And you SURE can tell the ones who say this believe it to be so, can’t you?

If you debate these nut jobs on the issue and demand proof, you can be condemned by them to Hell. They can do that, you see, because they believe they live in ‘A Christian Nation’

My War on Religion

Personally, I’m getting tired of all the pussyfooting around. Religion has already declared war on humanity. It’s high-time to fight back against these unstable forces of evil—the demigods who would trample us down in the name of their gods. Enough I say, cry havoc, and unleash the dogs of war. I hereby declare my ‘My War on Religion’