Confessions About My White Privilege

George Washington and his slavesI heard someone call it “hitting life’s trifecta.”

I was born white, male and in the United States. That is the trifecta of life. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.

You have that white privilege thing going for you. You get 100 percent pay because you’re male and—you have to admit—that if you are born under these circumstances, the racist United States is a great place to be.

Not only is hitting the trifecta of life a great thing for white men, but if you are born in the Deep South like me—the South for that matter—THAT is an added bonus for you. Because, down South, racism is more accepted and racism is more established than it is anywhere else.

‘Confessions About My White Privilege’

Panic on the Titanic

The good ship Romney Flop is foundering now that seniors are scrambling for the Medicare lifeboats. The remains of the GOP presidential campaign are going DOWN – down to the chilly depths below. Republicans are slamming their fearful leader as polls show more and more demographics dashing away from the coming catastrophe. There’s madness in the eyes of the repugs and there’s ‘Panic on the Titanic’