Down Goes Limbaugh

Down_Goes_LimbaughI was in media and this is HUGE. Humongous. Having been in radio since I was three years old, I completely and thoroughly understand the significance of this event, and it is absolutely mind blowing and gigantic and humongous. Join me for ‘Down Goes Limbaugh’

Rip and Read Rush

You be the judge. Is Rush Limbaugh simply as lazy and stupid as his listeners? Or, is Rush a tad less stupid than his listeners and is deliberately lying? It’s not an easy question to answer, given his choice of show prep material the last couple of weeks. Let us examine this issue as we ‘Rip and Read Rush’

Rush Wrecking Ball

This nation deserves better discourse than it has had foisted upon the airwaves by the reptilian Clear Channel Inc., with its cast of opportunistic snake oil salesmen and doomsday predictors disguised as broadcasters. Let us, as a nation, get past Rush Limbaugh’s insulting and non-professional behavior and his β€œnon-apology apology.” Instead, let us celebrate OUR free speech by ridding ourselves – once and for all – of this anti-American blight upon the public airwaves! Listen to ‘Rush Wrecking Ball’