Where To Find ‘Smart Conservatives’

Where_To_Find_Smart_ConservativesThe problem is that each of us likely don’t know any smart conservatives. That’s a problem because we need them for this debate that Ann Coulter says liberals are afraid of.

But are there actually no smart conservatives, or is it we just don’t know where to look? What does a smart conservative look like? What does one sound like? The average liberal asks these questions because the average liberal doesn’t ever run into smart conservatives.

Maybe YOU think you know a smart conservative. I don’t. To be fair, I don’t get out as much as I used to, but when I DID get out a lot I didn’t run into any smart conservative then either.

‘Where To Find ‘Smart Conservatives”

Gunning the Vote (AUDIO)


Okay, it’s a setback. No doubt about that. What happened in Colorado Springs and in Pueblo—in the progressive state of Colorado—yesterday was a godawful mess, and it’s coming soon to your state government. What happened yesterday will be the nationwide model for voter suppression and intimidation tactics by the fascists and right-wing extremists. Wait until you actually see the Koch kooks ‘Gunning the Vote’

Jurassic Snark

I’m fairly certain that I’ve compared republicans to dinosaurs before. At least, I believe I’ve compared republicans to dinosaurs. I don’t think I’ve ever listed the reasons why republicans are like dinosaurs. Maybe I have. But then, maybe I haven’t done so thoroughly. Even if I have compared republicans to dinosaurs, it’s time to do it again with some ‘Jurassic Snark’

Mile High Lies

If you lie, if you are silent about lies, if you support those who lie, and fail to rebuke, or dispute the lies, I’m terribly sorry, but YOU’RE A LIAR TOO. It doesn’t matter the altitude your lies may fly—it’s lying all the same. So, it’s okay. Break out the low lie, the high-rise lie and the ‘Mile High Lies’