Annoying Orange

annoying orangeI have no idea where we would be without the protection of Speaker of the House, John Boehner, but I’d sure like to find out. You know?

This ridiculous person has been at the forefront of the treason movement begun by extremists in our federal government. He was part of the problem that created the economic mess in 2008, and he is a big part of the problem in making certain that it doesn’t happen again.

‘Annoying Orange’

President Obama and His Republican Party Annihilation Machine


The day President Obama took office, the Republican Party decided to oppose the President at every turn—even as America’s working people were being thrown out of their jobs and homes. The Republican Party decided to stymie our recovery in order to defeat the President and now, as they stand at the “dustbin of history,” they are blaming ‘President Obama and His Republican Party Annihilation Machine’

Crazy Ain’t Politics Too

Crazy and terrorist rhetoric is not “regular politics.” It is sedition. Threatening worldwide depression is not an acceptable “political tactic.” It is treason. For crapsake, the Democrats are not “just as bad as the republicans.” And, ‘Crazy Ain’t Politics Too’