God Forces Fascism On America

God - I am impervious to reasonThere are so many people speaking for “God” these days, I sometimes wonder how God feels about it all. But the truth is: he ain’t talking.

If God WERE to talk to the faithful, here in America, where the faithful want to incorporate the Bible into the US Constitution, which one of the almost 300 Gods in this country would be talking to them?

‘God Forces Fascism On America’

Fear of the Faithful

Willy Wonka - You get nothingAfter Republicans get their Karma backlash next week, they will begin their internal blame game.

“We’re did this devastating result come from?”

“What can it possibly be that’s causing our massive repudiation?”

I don’t consider that I’m a genius on these matters, but I would like to suggest that the biggest and likely the fatal flaw of the Republican Party is a bunch of selected passages from the Old Testament.

‘Fear of the Faithful’

Cure for Ebola Discovered in Texas!

Ebola virusI never would have thought it possible that conservative Christians, bigots, racists and other Republicans could have ever contributed anything to society, but I guess I just underestimated them.

It turns out that they are all good for something after all. And now the Christian conservatives in Texas have not only given something to the United States of America, but they have helped to share it across the globe.

‘Cure for Ebola Discovered in Texas!’

The Religious Right-Wing Racists of Retroland

Jesus omgNobody has the right to practice crazy on other people. Nobody has the right to avoid facts at all costs and make decisions for other people based upon lunacy.

I have nothing but resentment for what the religious right has done to me, my home state, my friends and my family. Their behavior costs lives, the sum of their efforts is despair and being nice to them does not work.

Conservative Christians are a racist disgrace to mankind.

‘The Religious Right-Wing Racists of Retroland’