Media Mine

Media MineJust how “liberal” is the “Liberal Lame-Stream Media” we’ve all heard about from Republicans? Let’s find out! That’s today’s mission with our guest, fascist hunter Andrew Rei.

‘Media Mine’

Turning the Worm

Turning_the_WormEven if many people, mainly Conservative Republicans, ARE completely uninformed and clueless, how can so much news come out that shows how crazy their positions are yet they still stand by their positions, even if they make no sense and there are no facts for them to cite? Are we even making any progress? When will the worm start to turn? How do we know if we are even ‘Turning the Worm’?

In Search of the Liberal, Left-Wing Media

The people who listen to the Right-Wing prophets on the radio agree with those prophets that media is slanted to the Left. But, where the hell is this lefty media thingy? Is it really brain-washing the masses against conservative causes? Join us as we wander around ‘In Search of the Liberal, Left-Wing Media’