A Pair of Bodacious Ta’ Ta’s

A_Pair_of_Bodacious_Ta_TasMitt Romney, “of Gall,” has returned, along with Ann “the Unfairness” to try and rehabilitate an image that was massively rejected at the polls just a few short months ago. These arrogant people not only belong together, they can even be described as ‘A Pair of Bodacious Ta’ Ta’s’ (you know, “boobs”)

Severely Conservative

With CPAC as our example, let us rally to find a cure for this insidious condition that’s causing some of our fellow Americans to suffer things such as hatefulness, stinginess, obtuseness, meanness, white-supremistness, etc. Let’s do what we can to stop their phobias, their paranoid delusions and their incessant lying. Wait a minute! They don’t believe in helping Americans with anything. Do they? No, they do not! You know what? To hell with the ‘Severely Conservative’