God Breaks Flood Promise

God Breaks Flood PromiseDidn’t he say he wouldn’t do it? I seem to remember something about God NOT flooding the earth again. Didn’t he promise that?

Or rather, wasn’t it promised to Noah after the first flood?

Whatever the case, there can be no doubt that God is once again flooding the earth. Only this time he’s flooding it with GOP presidential candidates.

‘God Breaks Flood Promise’

Descent Into Madness

Descent_Into_MadnessRepublicans have completely taken leave of their senses. And it’s truly a sad sight to see. We want to reach out, naturally, and we want to help our fellow Americans get a grip on reality.

“But, Kerry, those are just crazy extremist teabaggers from the tea party and libertarians disguised as Republicans. They don’t speak for me!”

Yes, they are extremists. And, yes, they are crazy. And, YES, if they are Republicans, they speak for you.

If YOU are a Republican, you are part of a …

‘Descent Into Madness’