No Thanks, We Already Have a President!

After witnessing both national conventions, there doesn’t seem to be a single remote and compelling reason to vote for Mitt Romney. So, no thank you, fascists, we do not need to rollback rights for working people, non-white people and ALL women. We do not require the same policies that have caused untold misery for millions of Americans. We do not need new wars and new enemies. No, republicans, we have to say ‘No Thanks, We Already Have a President!’

Truth Tellers at the DNC

First Lady Michelle Obama opens up a can of whupass on Mitt Romney and the republicans. Ted Strickland explains the problem Romney has regarding working Americans and Santa Claus. The Democratic National Convention features rising star after rising star on the way to eliminating the balls of gas on the other ticket. Listen as we cover both the greatness of our President and the facts on the opposition from ‘Truth Tellers at the DNC’