In Defense of Donald Trump!

Trump saluteFor years now, Republicans have stoked and encouraged a xenophobic attitude—not only toward immigrants, but also toward minority Americans.

Republicans have done this in order to frighten their constituency, toss out more red meat than their contemporaries and pander to the fears of the ignorant and bigoted primary voters in their radicalized party.

So why, pray tell, are Republicans condemning Donald Trump?

‘In Defense of Donald Trump!’

The Trump That Ate the Republican Party

Donald Trump super close upDonald Trump can say whatever he wants to say. It doesn’t matter what he says, he will be up in the polls by that evening. Donald Trump is a phenomenon, he is a gift that keeps on giving, he is a symptom—Donald Trump is all of these things and much more.

How far has the Republican Party devolved? Apparently, it has devolved much farther than we ever thought.

‘The Trump That Ate the Republican Party’