The Truth in Tuskegee

The_Truth_in_TuskegeeFEATURE SPEECH

You might have noticed that Republicans were quite upset with the First Lady this past week after she gave the commencement address to the 2015 graduating class at Tuskegee University.

You also might have wondered again how anyone could possibly be upset with Michelle Obama about anything (good question). But it turns out that all she had to do earn the ire of Republicans was speak ‘The Truth in Tuskegee’

Truth Tellers at the DNC

First Lady Michelle Obama opens up a can of whupass on Mitt Romney and the republicans. Ted Strickland explains the problem Romney has regarding working Americans and Santa Claus. The Democratic National Convention features rising star after rising star on the way to eliminating the balls of gas on the other ticket. Listen as we cover both the greatness of our President and the facts on the opposition from ‘Truth Tellers at the DNC’