Seriously? Syria? (From May 2013)


If Syria needs to be rescued by its hated enemy, the United States of America, rest assured that everyone else in the region will hate us even more for intervening, and so will the republicans hate us for intervening as soon as they try and trick us into intervening. ‘Seriously? Syria?’

McGovern Again

Telling the truth to the American people sure was a bad political philosophy back in 1972. Principles can be costly. How far have we come since then? According to recent polls, we are becoming less worthy of great leadership with every passing day in the face of a possible Romney presidency. Join us for a broad comparison to 1972 as we ‘McGovern Again’

Mitt Mormon’s Magical History Tour

In what can only be described as one of the most conflicted, inept and unethical political campaigns for president in American history, Team Romney slams President Obama, praises Anglo-Saxons, disses the Soviet Union and then embarks upon a “foreign policy” tour to demonstrate the prowess a Romney administration would bring to diplomatic relations. Join us for a trip to a mythical Mormon wonderland, where the rabbit hole never ends and the truth may never be told. We hope you enjoy frolicking through ‘Mitt Mormon’s Magical History Tour’

Another Chicken Hawk Cakewalk

Vice-President Joe Biden lays out the Administration’s foreign policy outlook and achievements in the face of the always sporadic, fitful and war-mongering rhetoric coming from the republicans (they want to attack Iran now). The Veep also attempts to explain the grownup solution already in place to the same people who suggested attacking Iraq (That’s pretty patient of you Mr. Vice-President). Thank goodness we have the leadership we do, or else the wacky right-wing nuts would get us involved in ‘Another Chicken Hawk Cakewalk’