Hicks in the Sticks

hicks-in-the-sticksIs it my imagination, or do people believe the Electoral College is a building some place where scholars gather to decide the ultimate fate of our nation?
‘Hicks in the Sticks’

The Religious Parts of the Constitution

religios constitutionPerhaps you are confused about whether there should be separation of church and state in our government. If so, please allow some distinguished men to clarify the issue for you.

They are known as our ‘Founding Fathers,” and our guest, writer Andrew Rei, helps disseminate the meaning of our most famous political document.

Join us as we discuss…
‘The Religious Parts of the Constitution’


Christian WarConservatives are a special treat no matter what the subject might be. But when it comes to religion, they are even more so.

You have to really appreciate those conservative Christian “patriot” people, their love for America and their hate for their fellow Americans (not really).

Christian conservatives talk about “faith.” These political people are “Christians,” so they believe in things that are unseen. You know, like the mention of God, the bible or Christianity in our nation’s Constitution.


A Christian Nation

salem witch trialHow many people have you run into who have waved a finger at you while proclaiming the fabulously unsubstantiated line that “America was founded on Christianity”?

I do not have enough fingers and toes nor hairs on my head to count the number of times I have heard this abjectly ignorant claim. And you SURE can tell the ones who say this believe it to be so, can’t you?

If you debate these nut jobs on the issue and demand proof, you can be condemned by them to Hell. They can do that, you see, because they believe they live in ‘A Christian Nation’

Literal Land

literallyOne thing I believe to be true is that most Americans who have a political philosophy, be it Republican or Democratic, have a passion for their country and they believe their political philosophy to be the correct one.

Except for teabaggers and the Christian Right, who are just stupid and bigoted and spitefully anti-Jesus and mean. We will not count them in this scenario I’m laying out here today. You’re welcome.

But, there is a third choice! There has always been a third choice. We can adopt a philosophy which has endured the ages and has been tried numerous times from the cave man era to the feudal system to the gun-slinging latte’ drinkers at Starbucks. Yes! Take a scary trip with me to a land of fantasy and never-ending self-gratification; a semi-anarchical Libertarian ‘Literal Land’