Islamic Right Fever

Islamic Right FeverThere is a reason the 6 companies that own all U.S. media use fear to the benefit of Republicans. The reason is: fear sells.

Yes! Fear sells books. Fear sells semi-automatic weapons.

As they say in the business: fear sells soap.

‘Islamic Right Fever’

Some People Say

Fox News BlondzaicThere are two kinds of people that you should never trust; those who speak for other people and those who do not speak for themselves.

For many people the source that speaks for other people is Fox News. And Fox News lies shamelessly, often and convincingly for those who get their information no place else.

And I continue to talk about this modern-phenomenon because I believe it’s important to know if the source where you get your current events is full of shit.

When facts are available it really doesn’t matter what ‘Some People Say’

Petrified Fiction

obama o'reilly keep talkingI have always enjoyed great fiction; stories someone dreamed up that spark the imagination and intrigue the mind. I love stories that make you think.

There are always many ways to get your fiction. There are great books, great movies and I’ve enjoyed many of them.

What I appreciate most about great fiction is that someone had an idea, broadened it into characterization, and then plotted a story, then they dedicated themselves to a conclusion meant to entertain people who are otherwise not entertained.

All of this appreciation, however, is totally absent to me when you apply fiction to politics. There’s nothing entertaining about a lie.

‘Petrified Fiction’