So, Just How Stupid ARE Republicans?

Republicans mean greedy selfishA lot of the time I’ll single out a certain republican conservative person and do an entire show around them.

But that’s not really fair, is it?

Using that method leaves so many people who deserve credit out of the mix. There are many republicans who have given their all to further… whatever their cause is.

I believe hard work should be rewarded. And I am going to do MY best to shine that loving spotlight on as many of them as I possibly can.

‘So, Just How Stupid ARE Republicans?’

One More Thing About ‘The Redneck’…

Cliven Bundy reportingAs fewer and fewer in the right-wing media have been returning his phone calls, Cliven Bundy has been talking more and more. Cliven talked all through the end of last week.

So we have been quite fortunate.

One More Thing About ‘The Redneck’…

Some People Say

Fox News BlondzaicThere are two kinds of people that you should never trust; those who speak for other people and those who do not speak for themselves.

For many people the source that speaks for other people is Fox News. And Fox News lies shamelessly, often and convincingly for those who get their information no place else.

And I continue to talk about this modern-phenomenon because I believe it’s important to know if the source where you get your current events is full of shit.

When facts are available it really doesn’t matter what ‘Some People Say’

Petrified Fiction

obama o'reilly keep talkingI have always enjoyed great fiction; stories someone dreamed up that spark the imagination and intrigue the mind. I love stories that make you think.

There are always many ways to get your fiction. There are great books, great movies and I’ve enjoyed many of them.

What I appreciate most about great fiction is that someone had an idea, broadened it into characterization, and then plotted a story, then they dedicated themselves to a conclusion meant to entertain people who are otherwise not entertained.

All of this appreciation, however, is totally absent to me when you apply fiction to politics. There’s nothing entertaining about a lie.

‘Petrified Fiction’

Where To Find ‘Smart Conservatives’

Where_To_Find_Smart_ConservativesThe problem is that each of us likely don’t know any smart conservatives. That’s a problem because we need them for this debate that Ann Coulter says liberals are afraid of.

But are there actually no smart conservatives, or is it we just don’t know where to look? What does a smart conservative look like? What does one sound like? The average liberal asks these questions because the average liberal doesn’t ever run into smart conservatives.

Maybe YOU think you know a smart conservative. I don’t. To be fair, I don’t get out as much as I used to, but when I DID get out a lot I didn’t run into any smart conservative then either.

‘Where To Find ‘Smart Conservatives”