Christian WarConservatives are a special treat no matter what the subject might be. But when it comes to religion, they are even more so.

You have to really appreciate those conservative Christian “patriot” people, their love for America and their hate for their fellow Americans (not really).

Christian conservatives talk about “faith.” These political people are “Christians,” so they believe in things that are unseen. You know, like the mention of God, the bible or Christianity in our nation’s Constitution.


Some Call It Crazy

Some_Call_ It_CrazySo I actually read an article in Psychology Today, just so I can define the crap we constantly hear from conservatives. One phrase stood out: “delusional disorder.” I really had no idea how complicated this stuff was. But in an attempt to explain what we are dealing with the research has proven to be well worth the effort. And I will present my case forthwith on today’s show with ‘Some Call It Crazy’

Flight of the Wacko Birds

Flight_of_the_Wacko_BirdsSome of the common threads between what appears to be political and what does not are anger, odd or extreme behavior and abject ignorance. Thanks to these oddities of our culture, we now know that their collective body has a name. Let’s just call it the ‘Flight of the Wacko Birds’

The False Flags of Deliberate Ignorance

stupid flagThere is a compelling reason that what the Conservative extremists say shocks you. You know what I’m talking about; just a glaze through the day’s headlines and you see one unsubstantiated factoid after another, uttered by some Conservative extremist somewhere and then again somewhere else. Stand up against the Conservatives lies and ‘The False Flags of Deliberate Ignorance’