Bum’s Rush

bums rush

Hold on just a minute there! Not so fast. What’s that about raising everyone’s taxes? How much was that again?

No. I will NOT go along because “Bernie says”…

That’s not a good enough reason to do anything.

As an adult voter, I know that I don’t want to jump off a cliff with Bernie.

‘Bum’s Rush’

Time to Divide the Democratic Party!

DemsDebateThat’s right! It’s time to divide the Democratic Party. It’s the perfect time. We have to do it.

Frankly, I’m tired of those people who are trying to keep all the sides together. What the hell for? It’s not only time to choose a side and destroy the other, it’s our responsibility!

‘Time to Divide the Democratic Party!’

On Killing Lazarus

Statue Of LibertyStrange, but it’s always the “bravest” and the most “patriotic” Americans who behave in the most cowardly and anti-American ways.

‘On Killing Lazarus’

Fleeing from Religion

Let me get this straight, Ricky; the Founders founded our country upon Christianity and the Tea Party people “believe just like the Founders” believed? If that’s true, does that mean our Founding Fathers were a bunch of non-reading, narrow-minded pinheads? I’m just asking. You’re the reason why people are ‘Fleeing from Religion’

How to Piss Off Women (and recklessly discriminate in that special conservative way)

The astonishing meltdown of the GOP continues. As one right-wing loon falls yet another picks up the staff and charges ahead. The question everyone wants to know the answer to is “Does the Republican Party have more loons than it has staffs?” We’ll find out for sure when we learn ‘How to Piss Off Women (and recklessly discriminate in that special conservative way)’