Severely Conservative

With CPAC as our example, let us rally to find a cure for this insidious condition that’s causing some of our fellow Americans to suffer things such as hatefulness, stinginess, obtuseness, meanness, white-supremistness, etc. Let’s do what we can to stop their phobias, their paranoid delusions and their incessant lying. Wait a minute! They don’t believe in helping Americans with anything. Do they? No, they do not! You know what? To hell with the ‘Severely Conservative’

Santorum on the Mount

Armed with an endorsement from God, he has risen (in the polls). He is holy (bat crap crazy). He’s coming to stop gay sex, turn our non-religiously based nation religious and mount a Christian crusade with an army of religious zealots bent on ousting the Ayatollahs and stopping health care for children. Rejoice! For THIS extremist homophobe, Rick Santorum, is bringing a special message of hate that all decent people will vote against. Listen to ‘Santorum on the Mount’