Gun Coup at Chrysler

Joe the prickIt’s truly amazing, isn’t it? Someone with a “legal” gun massacres a bunch of people minding their own business, and instead of helping their fellow Americans figure out a way to stop the senseless slaughter, gun assholes across the land take that as a sign from god to get their guns, infiltrate decent company and promote the fact that they have penis issues.

America is one strange place, let me tell you…

‘Gun Coup at Chrysler’

The Guns Have Got To Go (PODCAST)

The_Guns_Have_Got_To_GoEvery now and again I get this problem: too many people start following me on Twitter and too many people start listening to the show. So I start talking about my theory on the gun problem in America and my other problem stops right then and there.

I don’t believe it’s all that complicated. I don’t need a gun and neither do you. In fact, ‘The Guns Have Got To Go’. Now THAT should get those pesky followers and listeners out of my timeline.

The Continuing Devolution of the Retro Gun Nuts


Evolution is such an interesting topic. Do you believe in evolution? I think I believe in evolution. But as much as something EVOLVES, something else can also DEVOLVE. And, that’s where retrogrades come in. Of course I’m talking about republicans, conservatives and teabaggers and ‘The Continuing Devolution of the Retro Gun Nuts’

Hurry Up with That Mental Health Care for Gun Nuts

Hurry_Up_with_That_Mental_Health_Care_for_Gun_NutsThe sad truth is that some of these gun nuts waging psychotic Jihad on Americans across the nation will never get better. Sometimes they end up in prison, dead or must be sedated and confined. Over the years, these persons have procreated and their children have made guns available to their toddlers. Now the toddlers are gunning people down. There’s no end to it. Come on, ‘Hurry Up with That Mental Health Care for Gun Nuts’

To Fear and To Fantasy

To_Fear_and_To_FantasyUsing non-facts, distortions, things that just sound good and their biggest weapon of all … LIES, the gun worshipers continue to defy common sense, logic and the facts of the matter. They want you to believe what they are saying and not your lying eyes. With each and every deception, the gun nut worshipers continue to play…
‘To Fear and To Fantasy’