Our Nonexistent Right

Constitution and gunsGun “enthusiasts” don’t care if your son or daughter is shot by one of their kids “accidentally.”

It doesn’t matter to these people if, in a fit of anger, or rage, or depression, someone makes a split-second decision with a split-second instrument that only has one single purpose for its existence.

‘Our Nonexistent Right’

Shoot To Thrill

Shoot_To_ThrillThere are 245 people struck by gunfire every day in the United States. 245 struck by a bullet and 80-90 dead every single day.

We are seeing shootouts on our freeways, people are being shot at when they cut in line at the drive-thru, and now unarmed people are being gunned down because they are texting in a theater before the movie starts.

This isn’t just how NOT to handle guns, this is also no way to run a movie theater.

‘Shoot To Thrill’

The Say Anything Caucus


It’s actually a say and DO anything caucus. They are fearful, absent of facts and they are loud. They are ‘The Say Anything Caucus’ and they will DO anything in order to keep believing the things that they believe.