What Republicans Want

what the hell do I wantDay after day, we see and hear the lunatics on the extreme right holler their crazy lies and conspiracy theories. As a matter of fact it has become all-pervasive, it seems, from republicans.

The reason we can’t make up our minds about it all is because we also keep hearing, from our republican friends, that not all republicans are as crazy as the extremists on the far right.

If that’s true, then why won’t they tell us ‘What Republicans Want’?

Good Guys Without Guns

nflThose of you who know me are well aware of two things: I believe that guns serve only to endanger the lives of innocent Americans.

And you also know that I do not care for many decisions the NFL makes, like the one Roger Goodell made concerning my beloved New Orleans Saints last season for absolutely no reason.

But I’m rethinking my attitude. Because my two biggest peeves have converged, guns and professional football. Listen to ‘Good Guys Without Guns’

The Guns Have Got To Go (PODCAST)

The_Guns_Have_Got_To_GoEvery now and again I get this problem: too many people start following me on Twitter and too many people start listening to the show. So I start talking about my theory on the gun problem in America and my other problem stops right then and there.

I don’t believe it’s all that complicated. I don’t need a gun and neither do you. In fact, ‘The Guns Have Got To Go’. Now THAT should get those pesky followers and listeners out of my timeline.

Guns Gone Wild

Guns_Gone_WildYou hear about the guy shooting himself in the penis. You hear about the gun safety expert who shot himself in the leg, and then tried to go on with the class using another gun. Or, you hear about the guy who left his gun in the wrong lunch box and his 5-year-old kid takes it to Kindergarten. Lots of cute and funny stories about guns. But, of course, it isn’t really so funny, is it? There is NOTHING truly funny about ‘Guns Gone Wild’