The Guns of Never Own

Gun control_reverse barrelThe ever-rising death toll and the omnipresent irresponsibility of gun owners across this land needs to finally and firmly be put to an end.

The guns have GOT to go!
‘The Guns of Never Own’

Fa-La-La-La Fire!

Does anybody really care anymore whether people are shot by guns obtained illegally, or guns that were bought and registered legally? Does the size of the round in the gun matter when somebody is killed that wasn’t supposed to be killed? These are the things gun nuts want to talk about. Merry ‘Fa-La-La-La Fire!’

The Cure from the Cause

A variety of individuals now claim that many symptoms led to the massacre in Newtown the other day. Some people on the right are now hawking their own special remedies to cure the problem, when what we really need is an effective antidote. Yes, we can now say that getting ‘The Cure from the Cause’ is no way to get well soon.

Conservative Lowlifes from Hell

It’s time to get past the idea that there is any redeeming value worth tapping in today’s conservative movement, be it Libertarian Conservatives, what passes for Fiscal Conservatives and—especially—the Christian Conservatives. The sad fact is that they have nothing to contribute except contemptible behavior. Listen to our report on ‘Conservative Lowlifes from Hell’