Fear-Fest 2015

CNN Republican debatePerhaps we could appreciate the creativity on display at the Republican debate Tuesday if the subject matter wasn’t so damned serious.

Talk of “war,” “boots on the ground in Syria,” “no-fly zones,” shooting down Russian planes, “carpet-bombing” civilians, killing families and banning religions—all of this panic and fear and terror because… ONE Pakistani women got through immigration on a FiancĂ© Visa.

‘Fear-Fest 2015’


StrikeI have to admit that this time I’m confused. I know my foreign policy but, unless the President is trying to set a new example about HOW to intervene in other countries, unless he is simply tossing an anchor to the Republicans, so they can beat each other up over this, I guess I have no idea what the President is up to. Unless he actually WANTS to ‘Strike!’ Syria… Continue reading