Fear-Fest 2015

CNN Republican debatePerhaps we could appreciate the creativity on display at the Republican debate Tuesday if the subject matter wasn’t so damned serious.

Talk of “war,” “boots on the ground in Syria,” “no-fly zones,” shooting down Russian planes, “carpet-bombing” civilians, killing families and banning religions—all of this panic and fear and terror because… ONE Pakistani women got through immigration on a Fiancé Visa.

‘Fear-Fest 2015’

Enemies Domestic

enemies domesticRepublicans aren’t simply sending nasty letters to Ayatollahs and endangering generations of Americans to come with war and nuclear weapons. They are taking a broad range of steps to push their fascist agenda forward.

The fascist threat from Republicans continues to assault the senses.

Nobody can take us through the breadth and scope of the forces arrayed against America better than our guest, ‘Fascist Hunter’ Andrew Rei.

Join us as we assess the threat we face both at home and abroad from ‘Enemies Domestic’

Letter Bomb

letter bombHow many times have we heard how great Republicans are at foreign affairs, as compared to Democrats? Back before we had more access to information, we heard it a lot.

The truth is that Republicans are terrible at foreign policy. It’s their conservative traits that do it. We’ve seen how bad they are at it manifest itself this past week.

But something else has emerged from all of these foreign affairs that you may be interested in.

‘Letter Bomb’

Another Chicken Hawk Cakewalk

Vice-President Joe Biden lays out the Administration’s foreign policy outlook and achievements in the face of the always sporadic, fitful and war-mongering rhetoric coming from the republicans (they want to attack Iran now). The Veep also attempts to explain the grownup solution already in place to the same people who suggested attacking Iraq (That’s pretty patient of you Mr. Vice-President). Thank goodness we have the leadership we do, or else the wacky right-wing nuts would get us involved in ‘Another Chicken Hawk Cakewalk’

Scare Baby Scare

Somehow, according to 75 percent of the Republican field, the more the United States threatens Iran the lower the cost of gas will be. Using this “logic,” just imagine how low the cost will be if we “preemptively” attack Iran. We need not understand how any of this works. All we have to do is “Drill Baby Drill” and “Scare Baby Scare”