Fear-Fest 2015

CNN Republican debatePerhaps we could appreciate the creativity on display at the Republican debate Tuesday if the subject matter wasn’t so damned serious.

Talk of “war,” “boots on the ground in Syria,” “no-fly zones,” shooting down Russian planes, “carpet-bombing” civilians, killing families and banning religions—all of this panic and fear and terror because… ONE Pakistani women got through immigration on a Fiancé Visa.

‘Fear-Fest 2015’

Islamic Right Fever

Islamic Right FeverThere is a reason the 6 companies that own all U.S. media use fear to the benefit of Republicans. The reason is: fear sells.

Yes! Fear sells books. Fear sells semi-automatic weapons.

As they say in the business: fear sells soap.

‘Islamic Right Fever’

Mission Creeps

Say it to yourself. Say it over and over again. Say it more and more and, maybe, you can convince yourself that “we should stay until the mission is completed.” AGAIN, “we should stay until the mission is completed.” Say it together, “we should stay until the mission is completed.” Now, what’s the “mission”? If you still don’t know, you sure won’t find out from the ‘Mission Creeps’