Fear Itself

fear itselfYou’ve had a bit of time to put things into perspective from the fear-induced disaster Tuesday last.

NOW can we finally be different from the Republicans and actually learn something from this incredibly stupid mistake that the Democratic Party has just made?

Or do we just employ… ‘Fear Itself’

Facts and Other Stubborn Things

Our Founding Father John Adams—lover of truth and facts and stuff—would likely recoil in righteous horror and suffer genuine religious indignation at today’s “Christian-Conservatives., The FACT is that today’s Republican Party inside and out and top-to-bottom—relatively-speaking—is sustained by either Republican liars or the Republican voters who believe the lies. On this episode, let us examine ‘Facts and Other Stubborn Things’

Sununu You

If you believe something doesn’t sound right, regards the difference between Mitt Romney’s budget and Paul Ryan’s budget, or that something doesn’t smell right with the Romney/Ryan plan for Medicare vs the President’s plan for Medicare, you’re exactly right. The surrogates are out and about, perpetuating a confusing twist on what each of the plans for Medicare would do. As for the budget, you’ll have to wait for that one from, god forbid, a “Romney Administration.” In the meantime, the Romney Campaign plans to ‘Sununu You’

True Bush

He’s back! And, for $24.95 (plus tax), we can learn how to achieve economic stability from the “decider” who set our course during the last decade. Remember the last decade, and the bankrupt economic policies that took our prosperity away? Well, like the walking dead in a Vincent Price movie, the republicans continue to insist we allow more neck-access to struggling Americans even as the first vampire comes back for seconds. Enjoy our presentation of ‘True Bush’