Annoying Orange

annoying orangeI have no idea where we would be without the protection of Speaker of the House, John Boehner, but I’d sure like to find out. You know?

This ridiculous person has been at the forefront of the treason movement begun by extremists in our federal government. He was part of the problem that created the economic mess in 2008, and he is a big part of the problem in making certain that it doesn’t happen again.

‘Annoying Orange’


checkmateA lot of people have said that, “the president is playing chess and the conservative numb nuts are playing checkers.”

After six years of playing the republicans like a cheap accordion, it’s obvious the President is playing chess. But it’s looking less like the republicans are playing checkers.


The Essential Midterm Primary Roundup Guide

Election2014Everything has already been settled for the midterm elections this November, and my guest Andrew Rei explains it all to us—ahead of the elections.

Find out how the election turned out with…

‘The Essential Midterm Primary Roundup Guide’

Overthrow Tuesday

Overthrow_TuesdayTomorrow is the day! Yay! Tuesday is the day that the “patriots” on the extreme right “get their country back.” It was bound to happen, what with all of these religious patriots with guns running around playing politics to cover up for their sense of entitlement, their cowardice, their abject selfishness and their bigotry against everyone else.

The day of the revolution is nigh! Get ready for ‘Overthrow Tuesday’

Dispelling Notions

dispelling_notionsThere are several notions to dispel after this latest Republican disaster. We HAVE to do this, because many people have learned the wrong lesson about how our democracy works. You don’t “find leverage,” or else you’ll destroy the economy.

This is a wrong notion. This notion is not true because an extortionist like Ted Cruz says so. We shall take this notion and other notions—notions that can cost billions and even trillions to fix once they are acted upon—and we shall not only dispel these notions, we shall completely and utterly dispel them. We’ll spend the entire show ‘Dispelling Notions’