Teabagger Coup d’état

Teabagger Coup d'étatI’ve taken a lot of crap from a lot of people about referring to Conservatives as “fascists.” People tell me “you’re going too far” and “how dare you question Republican patriotism by calling names.”

Sometimes I’ve been second-guessing myself. I’ve also been paying so much attention to those people that I haven’t been listening to myself either. That’s pretty bad when you don’t listen to yourself and you turn out to be absolutely right.
‘Teabagger Coup d’état’

They, The People (PODCAST)

They_The_PeopleIf John Boehner follows Ted Cruz’s orders and defaults the country, the entire world will hold the diminished United States of America responsible for this deliberate outrage.

As everyone on the planet is shoved, by us, into further economic distress, we will be able to tell the world that we HAD to cause all of this because Americans were being threatened with healthcare. We had no choice but to protect…
‘They, The People’

Bombs Strapped To Their Chests (PODCAST)

Bombs_Strapped_To_Their_ChestsYou know that new house you just bought? Sign it over to me now or I’ll burn that house down. I really like your car. I know you bought it fair and square before I could get together the money to buy it first. Sign it over to me, or every night I’ll key the car and slice up your tires.

How do those sound for negotiation techniques? What kind of person handles anything that way? That’s right, a thug, a mob boss or…. yes, a terrorist. Terrorists with ‘Bombs Strapped To Their Chests’