Sister Christian

sarah palin angry coverShe has given an unneeded voice to the stupid. She has empowered stupidity itself, because if SHE can almost be a heartbeat away from the presidency, then ANYBODY in ANY trailer park anywhere can aspire to higher office.

I know a lot of people don’t think Sarah Palin is important. But I contend that discussing Sarah Palin is VERY important.

We came awfully close to tragedy in the midst of tragedy—and we HAVE to make sure we never get that close again.

‘Sister Christian’

Conservative Patriots for Russia

mccain's assThe problem for conservatives with foreign policy is not only that it’s from the last century, but also that these days when the right-wing nuts are just gearing up for a massive anti-American foreign policy stance against the President, the President has already solved whatever problem they are trying to blame him for.

Is the President “weak and indecisive”? Is Vladimir Putin a “strong” leader? Is Sarah Palin “brilliant”? Is Rudy Giuliani a cross-dresser?

‘Conservative Patriots for Russia’


StrikeI have to admit that this time I’m confused. I know my foreign policy but, unless the President is trying to set a new example about HOW to intervene in other countries, unless he is simply tossing an anchor to the Republicans, so they can beat each other up over this, I guess I have no idea what the President is up to. Unless he actually WANTS to ‘Strike!’ Syria… Continue reading

Seriously? Syria? (From May 2013)


If Syria needs to be rescued by its hated enemy, the United States of America, rest assured that everyone else in the region will hate us even more for intervening, and so will the republicans hate us for intervening as soon as they try and trick us into intervening. ‘Seriously? Syria?’

The Great Bush Iraq Quagmire

The_Great_Bush_Iraq_QuagmireTen years ago we went to war in Iraq. We did so in a preemptive invasion—the Bush Doctrine—and the Bush Administration used fear tactics and color codes inside a massive and deliberate propaganda effort to con the American people into an invasion of Iraq. Join us as we recall… ‘The Great Bush Iraq Quagmire’