Fear Itself

fear itselfYou’ve had a bit of time to put things into perspective from the fear-induced disaster Tuesday last.

NOW can we finally be different from the Republicans and actually learn something from this incredibly stupid mistake that the Democratic Party has just made?

Or do we just employ… ‘Fear Itself’

One More Thing About ‘The Redneck’…

Cliven Bundy reportingAs fewer and fewer in the right-wing media have been returning his phone calls, Cliven Bundy has been talking more and more. Cliven talked all through the end of last week.

So we have been quite fortunate.

One More Thing About ‘The Redneck’…

What Republicans Want

what the hell do I wantDay after day, we see and hear the lunatics on the extreme right holler their crazy lies and conspiracy theories. As a matter of fact it has become all-pervasive, it seems, from republicans.

The reason we can’t make up our minds about it all is because we also keep hearing, from our republican friends, that not all republicans are as crazy as the extremists on the far right.

If that’s true, then why won’t they tell us ‘What Republicans Want’?

We Vote, We Win!

UniteBlueThere isn’t any doubt about it. There isn’t any reason to try and convince members of the extremist, xenophobic, misogynist, bigoted, racist, phony American, phony Christian right-wing of anything at all.

It just cannot be done.

What matters is that we show up to vote.

Because, if we show up, we win.

‘We Vote, We Win!’

The Golden Rule (PODCAST)


I’m sure you’ve heard people say, “if republicans hate government so much, why are they running for government office?” There is a reason that this happens—because it’s an actual philosophy. The idea is to seek elected offices and then destroy authority to govern from within. But this is not a new OR a republican idea. It is a Libertarian idea. And this should tell you all you need to know about Libertarians. They live and they die by ‘The Golden Rule’