The 17 Defining Characteristics of Fascism

fascism listAs the Republican Party inches ever forward to reach its fascist tentacles into our daily lives, via the many ways available to them, we also see ever-expanding tactics.

We call them the ‘Defining Characteristics of Fascism.’ There were 14 to start, then 15 and now Fascist Hunter Andrew Rei will unveil the newest of …

‘The 17 Defining Characteristics of Fascism’

Speaking of the 14 DCs of Fascism…

palin-flagThis is a special show—our 10th show with fascist hunter Andrew Rei!

Of course you have heard the entire Speaking of Fascism series we did with Andrew Rei, posted and available for free at In the series, Andrew and I discussed the 14 DCs of Fascism, by Lawrence Britt, in great detail.

Today, right here on the show, Minister Andrew will release to you the 15th DC of Fascism, which is in his sermon for today.

This is history. And you are with us to hear it live and in person.

‘Speaking of the 14 DCs of Fascism…’

Speaking of Fascism, Part Four

palin-flagContinuing with our series—our very important series—’Speaking of Fascism’. This is part four with our guest, writer Andrew Rei.

The 14 DCs of fascism. What is a “DC”? That would be a distinguishing characteristic. That’s not something that lends itself to vagueness. A distinguishing characteristic is obvious. And, if you have been following this series, you’ve recognized many things upon examination.

Join us for ‘Speaking of Fascism, Part Four’

Speaking of Fascism, Part Three

palin-flagYou will be aghast, shocked and dismayed at the fascist tendencies of the modern republican party.

Why are we harping about this? Because it isn’t too late. That’s why.

We have tons of information in this segment, all of it true, disturbing and scary.


Join us as our guest, writer Andrew Rei, explains for us the 14 DCs of fascism.

Join us for…

‘Speaking of Fascism Part Three’